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Global Valuation versus Wealth Management

12, November 2014: Many banks are offering their services on a global valuation, based on a step further on asset management by managing investment portfolios for its clients.

In this case it is a lot more defined product for corporations, designed to evaluate their portfolios of collective management for cases like the settlement or pension funds to seek returns by quantifying the distribution of analytical data fixed income and delta and gamma.

All this, in any investment policy as asset management, also involves a study of risk management to prevent the inverter feels unprotected in allowing the movement of its portfolio through different products.

In contrast, in the case of wealth management we speak about the possibility of not only diversify into different product investment portfolio, not just through actives , but also through legal support and tax runs out benefiting in the short and medium term investments .

Each time, inverstors are demanding the type of investments that are complemented by other services and that allow them to take out their returns benefit reinvested or having the best tax advice to from the best tax advice that can be achieved.

When an entity manages an investment portfolio, one of the key points is to diversify the different products so that between them outweigh the risks and profits.

For wealth management, it is almost an imperative for the counsellor to be in constant and close contact with the investor and redirect him for the best investments of time, even planning a new stage for the present and future movements .

All type of investment has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, anyone can assume that large investors always tend to have a much more analytical advice than a small investor. But this is not the case because, in many cases, companies and consultants charge by the benefits, so the involvement of professionals is almost complete .

Markets and financial products are always changing because of the advices and decisions and all these can also change the conditions of the products. That's why it is very important to know the risk we want to assume and the terms you want to manage your portfolio.

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