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Legend Knight – Hall of Heroes, Merry Christmas

29, December 2014: As the resting place for the most heroic souls, the Legend Knight Hall of Heroes has built a mighty Hero Regiment under the lead of the Gods. Heroes as the God of Gods, the Magic Banshee, the Lord of War or the Arch Wizard lie here with their Warrior Armies. Only the most powerful warrior will become their ally.

Legend Knight

After reaching level 80 and clearingthe Infernal King in the Chapter 4: Elf Forest, the icon of the Hall of Heroes will appear in your UI.

Legend Knight

You can get 5 free dungeon challenge attempts every day.You can buy an extra attempt for 100 Balens or Bound Balens. You’ll have to defeat all the subordinates if you want to challenge the Heroes. You can get Gold and EXP Wines after clearing each round. Remember to Blitz the levels you already completed to get more rewards!

Legend Knight

The items required for upgrading the Hero into a Red Recruiting Hero can be found in the Hall of Heroes. But challenging the Hall of Heroes is not easy; boost your Battle Rating first if you want to get a mighty Hero!

Legend Knight

With the items in Hall of Heroes, you can recruit the purple hero directly which can be immediately put into your formation and play an important role!

Heroes, God of Gods, ArchWizard, Flame Goddess and other high quality heroes can only be recruited with the items from Hall of Heroes. So Hall of Heroes is almost the only way to get the high quality heroes. What are you guys waiting for, Join the Best web-based RPG Game now?

Attention: When you have defeated the enemy, you can use Blitz to get the rewards in the second time. So, when you lose in the Hall of Heroes, don’t give up and try again, sometimes you may need some luck to clear it.

The Legend Knight Official Website: http://www.legendknight.com/

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