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Contribute For A Cause – Make A Difference For Something That Matters

New York, USA; 02, February 2015: The adventure generosity on wheels is a unique concept with a noble cause. This campaign enables Elsa Saks to travel to various parts of Mexico and USA. The reason she's launched this campaign is because it's not possible for one single person to bear up the cost of this adventure. 

Why This Adventure 

The world is rapidly changing and her motive is to understand and test the generosity of people. Elsa Saks puts herself out there during the adventure and depends on people to help her continue her journey. She aims at inspiring a number of people and helps them understand the pleasures of sharing. She believes that people need to focus on love and the inspiration that one can get from Mother Nature. It's strange but true that people these days have been concentrating so much on the outside world, that they forget the little pleasures in life that can actually make them happy. 

Elsa defies the challenges she may face during the adventure that she plans on taking on a bicycle. Yes, she's relying on all the natural sources to help her survive. However even for her to make this adventure trip a success, she has to get herself the basic amenities that will ensure the trip is a success. Generosity on wheels thus needs the gratitude of people to step forward and enable her fulfill; this dream for the betterment of the people and to help them connect. 

Elsa tries to keep all those who support her close o heart and ensures she proves her gratification by providing them with rare adventure pictures, videos and stories about her adventure trips. She also invests time in helping them in their daily routine as a way of gratification for all the help that they provide to her while on her journey. Her noble cause needs applause and an open heart. 

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Elsa Saks
Email: Elsa.Saks@gmail.com
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/generosity-on-wheels

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