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Houston artist Frank Loot is readying his forthcoming street album “GMAIL”.

Houston, TX; 03, February 2015: Frank Loot hailing from Houston, Texas is dropping "Gmail" late Feb. and he plans to give the streets a free album which he calls a "front" a term used when a plug or holder of wholesale drugs "leases" his inventory out to certain deserving individuals who have earned trust. GMAIL is a "front" for the streets in Franks's words. GMAIL Coming Soon 

Frank Loot

Packed with all original music Gmail is street album presented by Frank Loot A new king hailing from Houston Texas. 

Frank resides in southwest section of Houston which is packed with plenty new rising stars. He is blessed with a God- given ability to pull words out of the air like magic and trump over beats like a tip toeing tap dancer. His presence can be felt with every bar and grunt from his husky frame. 

He brought along 3 local superstars from the city of syrup for the ride on Gmail. Boston George can be heard on the anthem "REUP" and Dat Boi T & GT Garza both pitch in on the street banger "Cautro" . 

Producers include TRAKKSOUNDS, VDON, THE ACADEMY, DJ MR.ROGERS, and many more. Already getting radio spins on local Houston stations and being featured in HOUSTON PRESS magazine, Loot is surely on the right track to being another southern force in the game for while to come. "GMAIL is gonna be like when 50 drop back in the golden era of mixtapes," says MESSI MARV Co-Founder of BRASSFOOTGLOBAL. 

Be on the lookout for GMAIL and many more releases from BRASSFOOT GLOBAL. 


Brass Foot Global is company started in 2007 by Frank Loot on the streets of Southwest Alief Texas as an escape for the young ruler. Simply meaning: In the field of snakes in tall grass im protected with a foot made of brass. 

Additional Contact Info/Social Media Links: 

Artwork/Photo Link: http://s1297.photobucket.com/user/frankloot/media/Gmail_FRONT_InternetUse_zps31757331.png.html 

Song/Video Player Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By6ZMl_4Gc4 

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Brass Foot Global
Frank Loot
(832) 846-8437

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