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Coming to America – Benks Technology Launches in the US

The Official Benks Technology USA is proud to announce that they have just released their impact proof, market leading, multi-layered glass screen protectors to the US market. Introducing a world debut for the worlds thinnest mobile phone screen protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They will be the first of many dynamic, state-of-the-art digital accessories that they intend to launch. Their aim is to continue to establish themselves as a market leader within the industry, renowned for providing extremely well-designed products at near-impossible prices.

Benks Technology USA is a company that provides solutions for mobile devices of the highest possible quality at the lowest possible prices. This is achieved through brilliant design and world-class manufacturing, delivered to the end user with no middle-man. Since they were founded in 2008, they have made achieving user-friendly excellence the driver for everything they do. They truly understand what makes technology workwithin the busy lives of their tech-savvy consumers. Benks Technology USA is therefore invested in providing the ideal accessories for iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.They have also created glass composite screen protectors to be some of the strongest, thinnest, and most resilient on the market, able to withstand the hardest of impacts while leaving the device intact.

Benks Technology USA is also proud to be the only MICROSOFT® approved supplier of glass screen protectors for the Surface Pro tablet series, which is a major accomplishment and testament to their company and products. This approval was awarded due in part to the fact that their manufacturing process is optimized for maximum recycling and therefore minimal waste.

After years of international success, they are releasing Benks Technology USA screen protectors to the US for the first time and are delighted to be introducing these respected products to the US’s wider market. They will enjoy the opportunity to share their knowledge with customers via their blog and website, http://benks.us, as well as through the innovative new products that will be released throughout the year.

Contact info:
Benks Technology USA

Cupertino Financial Center
10080 North Wolfe Road Suite 301
CA 95014

Phone: +1 (936) 666-6676 and +45 40602686
Website: http://www.benks.us
Email: admin@benks.us

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