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Wotech Solar offers its services for solar power and energy solutions

China; 13, February 2015: Solar energy panel and distribution products are of optimum use nowadays. Major industries have moved towards solar energy for operating their heavy infrastructure. Wotech Solar is a reputed company that deals in new energy power resources. They are in the sector of selling high power solar panels around the world and have many loyal clients. They are based in Shanghai, China and are engaged in the development of advanced solar cells. Wotech Solar runs on the motto of customer satisfaction with high power yields of the highest quality. 

The company deals in products like 260mono solar panel250w Poly solar panel, and 200w black solar panel. The company has skilled professionals who are inducted to output the best results in researching and designing the solar panels that are shipped worldwide. The Wotech Solar team also has their branch in Germany for manufacturing advanced equipments after several testing induced with the latest technology. The company can be reached through their website www.wotechsolar.com and is one of the popular names in solar panel dealerships and manufacturing. 

The raw materials that are used for making of these solar units are from the best of dealers and the company has an annual production potential which is more than 120MW and have several certifications under their banner mainly UL, TUV, IEC, VDE, CE. The company is rich in their natural resources as they combine it with the latest technology and innovation to maintain the green balance of the world with their economical and efficient energy resources. The company is in the business for many years and their products are made with a minimum durability of around 25 years and have served companies across various sectors. Wotech Solar is a reputed and reliable solar energy panel maker and sticks to their focus of cost effective and reliable products. 

Their website can be referred in order to get a better look into their service areas and also to contact them to get a quotation. The company has recently become the first large scale supplier of modular solar panel to a solar energy farm in Pakistan. This has been a major turning point for the economy of Pakistan as the establishment of the park will attract subsequent foreign money. The ability to make such a move possible came from the stable of Wotech Solar as the solar panel makers serviced their client with cost effective products with the highest output. 

The company also has served ideally to many industries in Europe with their solar panel distribution. The solar energy development that Woltech deals in has improved the global outlook towards solar energy. 

About Wotech Solar: 

Wotech Solar is a leading distributor and seller of solar panels to customers across the world. Interested people can browse their website www.wotechsolar.com for additional queries. 

For Media Contact:
Company: Wotech Solar Group Limited
Phone: 0086-021-62099100
Email Id: info@wotechsolar.com
Website: http://www.wotechsolar.com/

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