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AnyFlip Expands Its User Base by Offering Flip Book Publisher in Multiple Languages

14, February 2015: The flip book publisher by AnyFlip was developed with precision to provide companies of all sizes the ability to create stunning digital flipbooks with ease. Since the platform was launched, it has gained a huge following in not only the United States, but internationally as well in many countries throughout the world. As a result, AnyFlip developers have taken notice. They have enhanced the platform to now work with multiple languages. This has diversified communications greatly between readers and publishers alike. Companies across the globe can now significantly improve their marketing campaigns by creating flipbooks that are engaging, interactive, and visually appealing. The software offers many must-have features that include flash animations, multiple-language capabilities in 17 languages, analytics, and numerous media options that include video, links, audio and more.

In addition to offering multiple language capabilities, this powerful software platform can also be used in flash and HTML5. This gives companies numerous options in terms of compatibility, and companies will now be able to convey their messaging to consumers like never before. The software is compatible with most systems including PC, iPhones, MAC, Tablets, iPads, and Android, and it is one of the most functional and effective flipbook software platforms available. Users can select from hundreds of beautiful templates, or they can upload their own documents to create phenomenal flipbooks that will attract customers. From high-end flipbook catalogs and brochures, to newsletters, magazines, reports and other documents, AnyFlip software is incredibly versatile for users in all niches and industries.

To sign up for an AnyFlip user account, visit http://anyflip.com/ to register for free.

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