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Increase your sales on Ebay with the help of 360 view photography by 3DBin.com , now you can make it in 5 minutes.

There is an amazing new web service at www.3DBin.com that allows you to make 360 view photos (3DPhotos) within 5 minutes. With eCommerce capturing a greater share of the world’s commercial activity each year, as we buy more of our needs on line, there is the expanding need to verify quality and to see an ever-greater granularity of detail via the web. This new service enables Internet merchants detailed 360 degree images of their goods at a minimal cost. One 3DPhoto is available from $0.90 USD to $1.00 USD - the cost depends on the number of 3DPhoto you order. Also available for free there is a “Basic account”. This service works on Windows PC or Mac and to make a 3DPhoto you only need a digital camera and a few sheets of white paper.
It’s simple here’s how you do it. You take 20 to 30 pictures of the object you want the 3DPhoto of. Turning the object after each picture until you have rotated it 360 degrees. Then you upload all the pictures to 3DBin. The 3DBin service automatically cleans up and stabilizes the photos for smooth rotation, then turns it into a 360-degree flash file that can be interactively controlled via click-and-drag. The flash file is typically less than 500kb. Check out (http://3DBin.com/Examples) to get an idea of what’s possible. The 3DBin service is of enormous value to millions of Internet retailers for increasing their online sales volumes and for an array of any professional users.
The advantages of 360-degree product animations are obvious, as they give visitors the ability to view a product from multiple angles by simply clicking and dragging an image left or right.
The real advantage of 3DBin is that it simplifies and automates a lot of time and energy by incorporating the huge amount of know-how that it take to create a flash animation file from scratch.
Otherwise, to do this one would have to know plenty about digital photography, lighting, advanced image editing, image stitching and Flash production, or pay a service group handsomely for their expertise, not to mention the investment in expensive tools like a costly camera, PhotoShop, special tripods and a physical rotation device.
Compelling product shots are a large part of gaining online sales – even if you have exactly the same product as another vendor - the buyer will be looking at the better product pictures, and in the on-line world, getting the buyer to your site is the prerequisite for a sale.
360-degree product animations are becoming critical for eCommerce success and 3Dbin makes it simple and affordable for companies to take control of their photography workflows, to animate their products and ultimately drive eCommerce to the next level.
Flash product animations offer multiple display options, small file size, high image quality and easy distribution. The overall effect for eCommerce is increased online sales from faster turnover and customer satisfaction.
It’s simple you can take photos with any digital camera and no professional lighting is required. And that’s how you make high quality 360 view photos at home or in the office without any special devices or skills.
Founded February 2009 with offices in California, 3DBin inc. is the company that has created the first real and easy web based solution for creating 360 view by anyone. WWW.3DBIN.COM “The Web is not Flat”

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