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The Bell provides quality accommodation and food in Warwickshire

UK; 17, February 2015: There are many traditional country inns in UK that provide quality food and serve delicious dishes to various visitors coming from different parts of the world. The Bell still retains its delicious food quality and this makes it most visited country inn of UK. The inn has retained its eighteenth century architectural designs and has introduced many modern delicious food dishes besides the traditional dishes. This traditional inn is located at Alderminster in Stratford-upon-Avon. It has also expanded its business in keeping pace with the modern times. This expansion includes opening of restaurant, gastro pub chamber and luxurious accommodation facilities. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the greenish scenery of Alderminster village which is enriched by Cotswolds countryside. Many social events such as birthday celebration, marriage anniversaries and many other events are now being held in this hotel.

The restaurant of the hotel provides spicy and delicious meals to the visitors. Visitors can enjoy many sweet dessert dishes and other hot and crunchy snacks. The restaurant is the most preferred destination of having lunch in Warwickshire and is commonly referred to as nay Lunch Warwickshire by the local county people. The chief food material supplier of this inn is B & B Cotswolds. The beverages found in the gastro pub chamber of this traditional inn have unique test and blend. Visitors can order the beverage and cocktail preparation of their choice. There are no such high quality pubs in Warwickshire and so this gastro pub is often regarded as Gastro Pub Warwickshire which is the most attractive destination of Warwickshire. There are many good wines that can be found in this traditional inn. The official webpage of the inn provides a detailed list of such quality wines that are available at an affordable price range. The main wine ingredients which include dry grapes are supplied by Warwickshire B & B Stratford-upon-Avon.

The accommodation charge of the inn is quite high and mainly depends on the duration of stay. There are many luxurious accommodation rooms in the inn. Each accommodation room is very elegantly designed and allows free-Wi-Fi services. The water service of these rooms is quite good. The inn offers many attractive package of room collection. Tourists have the opportunity to book maximum four room collections. Visitors are mesmerised with the excellent arrangements of the luxury accommodation Stratford-upon-Avon.

Visitors have to make advance booking to get the room of their choice. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful picture and sound of the LED televisions that are installed in each room of the hotel. Visitors have the opportunity to taste crunchy breakfast dishes of the inn. Breakfast can be served to the room if requested by the lodger. Breakfast menu contains many traditional Anglo Saxon dishes which give a feeling of mixed sweet and crunchy tastes.

About The Bell at Alderminster:


The Bell is an eighteenth century inn of UK which has progressed with times. Today it is one of the most commercially successful hotels of UK. Customers can find traditional and modern dishes of fresh food items. Customers can log on to the website of the hotel to know the terms and conditions of room booking and other facilities.

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