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Jesus Sees Us: A new Jesus Doll, Just in Time for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, a new Jesus doll and book-set are hitting the shelves – right next to the Easter Bunny and Candy.

Jesus Sees Us was conceived by two mothers of preschool children; Maureen Longua Bueltmann and Kelly McCourt. Both mothers were struggling with the same challenge; how to introduce their young children to their Faith in an engaging and relatable way.

“We were just beginning to talk to our preschooler about Jesus and our Faith,” says Co-creator Bueltmann. “But my husband and I could not find anything appropriate to engage her at this ‘magical age.’”

“I knew my daughter was capable of faith; she was already fascinated with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  At the same time – I saw her physical connection with her favorite stuffed animal and the comfort she found in her security blanket.”

“So we asked ourselves, What if we replaced those items with the face, love and comfort of Jesus? She could live with the presence of Jesus in her life instead of just being taught about Him in abstract stories."
Using the challenge as an opportunity

If mass media can recognize that children at this age are eager for wonder and enchantment, why can’t we channel that same interest and belief into our actual Faith by introducing them to our Savior?  “We saw this as a perfect opportunity to introduce children to Jesus in an age-appropriate way, says Co-creator Kelly McCourt.  That’s what they need at that age – a grounding; warmth, safety and love.”

Jesus Sees Us was designed to engage and introduce children to Jesus on their level.  “It’s designed to be accessible; loving and comfortable – just like that teddy bear or security blanket they are so attached to. Their first relationship with Jesus can be a warm and loving engagement; He has open arms, a loving face and a soft push, huggable body” Says McCourt.  

The accompanying book allows children to “meet” Jesus through His words and loving actions, and shows them how to model their behavior after Jesus.  “Children at this young age are beginning to explore and struggle with new feelings, responsibilities and relationships.  When children can be shown how to navigate conflict and find a happy solution on their own, they are more confident and more likely to continue to want to work towards a resolution the next time” Says McCourt.  “We are excited to share the joy of this product with all Christian families and their children."

So, if you are interested in Easter ideas for kids, go to JesusSeesUs.com. JesusSeesUs.com provides Christian Easter gifts for the Christian Family.

More Info, Buy and Press: www.JesusSeesUs.com

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