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Travellers Caught Short With Winter Sports Travel Insurance

18, February 2015: Insurance industry experts say recent reports indicate a rise in rejections for winter sports related claims. It seems many holidaymakers are unaware they may not be covered for winter sports in their general travel insurance policy, and are only discovering this when they have claims rejected.

Let the Buyer Beware

Even those who have purchased specific policies for their winter sports holidays are often finding the coverage to be less than satisfactory. Cheap or seemingly 'free' policies often do not cover every eventuality, and have been a particularly prevalent cause of customer complaints, with consumers reporting feeling mislead, confused and left having overpaid for inadequate and unclear coverage.

In particular, it is holidaymakers who rely on offers from their financial institution - bank current account coverage, for example - who are finding themselves in trouble. Travel experts advise that purchasing stand-alone winter sports cover from independent travel insurance companies is the answer, and can prevent heartache and unexpected financial burdens.

A spokesperson for top online travel insurance company, InsureMore, commented, "It may seem the easier option to opt for coverage included with your bank account, but often these have exclusions in the small print that you will end up paying for on top of your general policy. Many people don’t notice this and go abroad thinking they are covered in the event of equipment damage or snow sport-related injury. They then get a nasty surprise when they have their claim rejected."

In general, experts say, dedicated travel insurance companies are much more straight forward and upfront about what you’re getting in your package deal, so you won’t have to pay for additional policies on top - saving you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Other areas of complaints for winter sports coverage have included ‘European Travel only’ exclusions and limits on travel time periods. Travel experts advise that consumers should compare their bank current account policy with options from independent insurance providers, as they will often spot the loopholes in the differences these contracts display.

The spokesperson from InsureMore backed this up by saying, "Consumers will often notice that the insurance company is actually less expensive for a higher coverage contract than the current account insurance is with all the extra add-ons."

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