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Cellstall Launches The Next Generation iPhone 5 Travel Charger Package To The Consumer Market

18, February 2015: The leading manufacturer of mobile phone accessories – Cellstall released a high-end 4-in-1 iPhone 5 travel charger to the competitive market recently. The exclusive Apple iPhone 5 travel charger with advanced features and performance will be distributed by Letsitele.

iPhone 5 is one of the most sophisticated smartphones in the world. Such degree of superiority requires the same level of compatibility and performance from the accessories used along with the smartphone. Many researches conducted by Letsitele revealed that tourists and businessmen who travel extensively are in need of back up chargers and synchronize data cables to conclude their tours without any unexpected situations. Cellstall introduced a unique travel friendly iPhone 5 travel charger in order to provide a better solution for this market need.

The smart charging device is more than an ordinary phone charger. It features the following premium characteristics in the same unit:

• It is a 2 USB port wall charger with a Folding Plug
• Also a car charger
• It comprises of 3 ft and 6ft 8 point data sync cables for iPhone 5 and later models
• Premium packaging

This 2 USB port wall charger is a state-of-the-art device that comes with a Folding Plug. The charger uses Smart Integrated Circuit technology to identify and emit the accurate charge rate to each device by identifying the parameter through each port. The Folding Plug with its foldable prongs allows a traveler to pack it safely inside a briefcase or suitcase with zero damage to the other content. Besides, it also features unparallel over-heat protection, over-load protection and short circuit protection to offer the user a hassle-free charging option to charge the mobile device in the least possible time interval. The charger will auto shut off once the precise level of charging is achieved.

The car charger comes as a standard vehicle mobile phone charger that is compatible with a 12V socket outlet of a car. The specialty of it is the 1A charging rate, which assures a safe charging that protects the iPhone 5 against all damages that can be caused by overcharging.

Another exclusive feature of the 4-in-1 travel charger is the 3 ft and 6 ft 8-point data sync cable set. The cables are compatible to sync and charge any Apple device that fits the innovative 8-point plug. The 3ft cable is perfect to be used in a car since it is free of unwanted amount of wire lengths dangling around. And the 6 ft cable is ideal to work with the iPhone 5 laying comfortably in a couch or bed while the charger is plugged into a distant wall plug.

The special neat packaging of the above items that ensures maximum safety makes this the perfect gift for a businessman or frequent traveler.

About Letsitele:

Letsitele is the trusted distributing partner of the unique range of Cellstall cell phone accessories who believes in ‘Expanding Possibilities’. The company is a premium organization that provides discerning businessmen, tourists and individuals with the finest quality mobile phone accessories sorted from the best brands in the world.

Further information about this unique package can be obtained by visiting info@cellstall.com

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