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Aceelo.com Hits Record Number of Orders for League of Legends ELO Boosters

Aceelo.com, one of the most trusted ELO boosting companies dedicated to providing genuine ELO boosting to League of Legends players, recently announced that they were offering a limited time discount of 15% on purchase of all boosts from their website. This news has, reportedly, been well-received by fans of the game as well as the website. One player commented, “Aceelo.com is already well-known for providing boosts at affordable prices. With this discount, they have given players an exciting opportunity to purchase boosts at even lower prices.”

Aceelo.com has gained the reputation of offering world-class service to its customers in terms of ELO boosts and coaching lessons with some of the top League of Legends players in the world. The website offers two types of boosters, namely, Challenger booster and Diamond booster. “We aim to provide our customers with the fastest ELO boosting at the most affordable prices “, said a representative for Aceelo.com. Once an order has been placed, the website assigns the desired booster to the customer’s gaming account. The main purpose of these boosts is to help players stuck in ELO hell to advance to a desired division.  

League of Legends is a very popular game and with hundreds of thousands of players all over the world, many dedicated LOL players find it difficult to advance their ELO rankings. Such players need coaching from more experienced players to get out of the ranking limbo. Aceelo.com provides their customers with coaching from some of the top ranked Challenger and Diamond players. According to the website, an ELO boost can help players save lots of time in reaching their desired division, particularly when they are trapped in a league they don’t belong in.

The website further stated that they required all their boosters to use VPNs so as to prevent IP tracking which, in turn, ensures anonymity. Aceelo.com also guaranteed their customers that their ELO boosting is completely safe. For more information please go to https://www.aceelo.com/

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