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Leading Glassware Brand Borosil all Set to Increase Their Online Sales in 2015

20, February 2015: Borosil has been one of India’s best known consumer brands for over half a century. They started making microwave proof glass even before the microwave was invented! In fact, in India, the name Borosil is generic for heat-proof glass. The leading microwavable cookware company aims at increasing their online sales this year. 

Original Borosil microwavable glassware are available at better prices on their online store as the cost of running an online store is much less compared to a traditional store. Also, Borosil offers seasonal offers and discounts on all their glassware , cookware and appliances range. 

Borosil displays all of its existing microwavable glassware and cookware range on its official online store. One cannot see the entire range in a physical store or other online marketplaces. It has recently added their trendsetting range, storage , and appliances range as well. One can order Borosil cookware and microwavable glassware range from the comfort of their home, thus saving valuable time and money in the process.MyBorosil offers nationwide free and fast shipping through professional logistics tie ups. Payment is completely safe on their platform and MyBorosil team offer outstanding support in every steps. They have a transparent refund policy in case of any issue. 

Borosil has been the #1 glassware brand for over 50 years due to their dependability and durability. Their entire product range under one roof can be only seen at their official online store. The leading glassware company is looking to focus on a few more aspects to offer better customer service. More information on Borosil’s microwavable cookware is available on www.myborosil.com 

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