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Car Trash Can With 4.7 Star Score Following 6 Months Trading On Amazon

26, February 2015: Something that would seem like an average car trash can, has really turned out to be quite a surprise, according to some of the validated customers on Amazon. Freddie and Sebbie primary spokesperson, Neil Speight, states that the luxurious auto trash can has been created to fit most cars, which according to him has actually been a definitive factor in making their trash bin so popular among Amazon consumers.

Car Litter Bin

In a recent optimum 5 star ranked Amazon validated review, one customer has said... "We simply adore our vehicle trash can, specifically that it has the Velcro on the bottom, making it steady on the floor, so it doesn't move around. It's perfect for our van, and fits effectively between the front panel and the fold down console. If we are transporting the grand children, we likewise have the choice of simply picking it up, and simply sticking it where ever they may be sitting for their ease of use. It is durable, well made, and we are able to line it with a bag from the most recent visit from the supermarket, then merely pick up the handles, take out, and dispose of appropriately. All simple stuff to set up!"

Freddie and Sebbie

Daniel G. Lebryk from Chicago begins his rather witty 5 star testimonial by saying... "I like your garbage can!" He adds... "For the past month I've driven a lot, and invested a lot of time in my vehicle. In fact, I have actually fallen in love with this trash bin. Yeah, right, a guy can fall in love with a trash can, since I have. This is the most hassle-free, well thought out vehicle trash container I have actually ever seen. Let me count the ways I like thee oh humble trash can. You don't seep, I can toss anything inside you and you hold them. Your cover is easy to raise, but obviously I don't keep you closed up with the Velcro, as that would be rude."

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He also asserts that the Freddie and Sebbie auto trash can is exactly the right size, neither rubenesque nor anorexic. He says... "Precisely the best size. At first I was wishing to put this on the floor in the front seat. Well the area for stuff in the front wasn't wide enough. Darn it, I thought this was going to be easy. So I searched in the back seat. My car happens to have a completely flat rear floor, and there was this nice area just behind the rear vents where I might put this box. It turned out to be exactly the best height to not block those rear vents. Well, the added reward being that black just sort of blends in on the rear floor. I was sure I would hate the garbage box back there, but it ends up that it's the best place in the world. When I'm driving I can reach back, get one side edge of the top, flip up the top part way, and drop my garbage into the box. The lid then falls down securely on the box, concealing all that nasty garbage."

The new images in addition to complete product specs can be seen on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Car-Trash-Can-Adjustable-Investment/dp/B00MYF7ZZC/

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