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Mike Arthur Presents FREE Online Seminar to Reveal Five Essential Steps to Double Sales in the Next 12 Months

Hosted by Mike Arthur and Mario Bruno, Scheduleonline.info announces free online seminars for people to learn the tricks of marketing and promoting a business. The webinar, titled “5 Steps to Doubling Sales in the Next 12 Months” will be available at select intervals throughout 2015, and one can register for it for free.

March 1, 2015 – Mike Arthur announces a free training program for business owners and marketers who want to learn the effective marketing strategies to promote a business and improve sales. The free webinar “5 Steps to Doubling Sales in the Next 12 Months” is open for registrations and there are limited seats available for the webinar to be offered throughout 2015. One just needs to provide his/her name and email to attend the free online seminar. There is no registration fee and one can access the webinar through Windows or Mac computers and also iPads, iPhones and iPhone touch. One can also request for an SMS alert to get the intimation before the start of the program.

According to Mike, the webinar could bring important insights for all action oriented business owners who want to double their sales volume in a period of just 12 months. It will reveal the ways of dominating in the business niche by staying ahead of competitors. Mike is also going to explain how to convince the target audience and turn them as a buyer. According to him, he has the tricks to turn 93% of the audience into a buyer and which he is going to discuss in his webinar. He is also going to reveal some cutting-edge marketing techniques which are way ahead of SEO, Yellow Pages, PPC etc. that most businesses rely on today.

Speaking about his free online seminar, Mike states, “In this tough economic time, if you want to learn about how to promote your business, you need to be a little bit creative. There are effective ways of reaching the audience and converting them into buyers. People will learn all this in my webinar.”

Mike is going to discuss serious business breakthroughs in his online seminar. If you are serious about your business and want to learn how to market your business, you can register for the seminar for free on the website scheduleonline.info.

About Mike Arthur
Mike Arthur is a successful marketer of the present era who specializes in the cutting-edge marketing tools and tricks for business promotions. He masters serious business breakthroughs and shares them with others through free online seminars.

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