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NLP Health Coach and Renowned Author Hester de Jong Publishes Kindle Edition of “How to Quit Being an Ostrich and Become a Giraffe”

The lifestyle book for the woman, brave enough to stick out her neck!

How to Quit Being an Ostrich and Become a Giraffe

March 2, 2015, United States- Hester de Jong, renowned personal development coach and author has recently announced the official worldwide launch of her new book “How to Quit Being an Ostrich and Become a Giraffe” in Kindle Edition, exclusively on Amazon. This new book invites women to step out of their comfort zone and become brave enough to stick out their neck and get the best out of themselves resulting in more peace of mind, more energy and more joy.

As Hester summarizes; “Lifestyle embraces more than just healthy eating and regular exercises. Lifestyle is life’s complete package in all its facets: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The questions and exercises in this book explicitly invite you to examine your own situation and to take action. Every change begins with taking that first step.”

From glass ceilings to social norms, the woman of today has to struggle with numerous hurdles trying to become a perfect mother, partner or worker. However, while doing so, she forgets about herself and spends her entire life trying to do what others think is best for her. The new book touches upon the most crucial aspects of a woman’s life including health, state of mind, career, spiritual growth, and personal development. Using these subjects as the focal point in her book, Hester explores the myriad of possibilities, and offers simple yet effective tips on how a woman can be successful in these areas of life.

The book is up for grabs on Amazon Kindle and is a worthy addition in anyone’s library.

For more information, simply visit Amazon.com

About Hester de Jong
Hester de Jong is a NLP Health Coach who is specialized in Systemic Work and Solution Focused Therapy. She studied Classical Homeopathy at The Academy of Natural Medicine. With PasoPaso Training & Coaching, Hester concentrates on the area of personal development. Her aim is to bring women in contact with their own drive, inspiration and passion. Her way of working is authentic and the characteristics of her work are humor, enthusiasm and integrity.

Hester de Jong
Email: info@pasopaso.nl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-Quit-Being-an-Ostrich-and-Become-a-Giraffe/1581670162056141
Website: http://howtoquitbeinganostrichandbecomeagiraffe.com/
Address: Marjoleinpad 68, 2034ME, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands


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