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Klugman-CM Approves a New Management Structure – Shong Zhentao Has Been Named COO

03, March 2015: Klugman CM’s (www.klugman-cm.com) Board of Directors today approved, at the behest of the Chairman and with a favorable report from the Nomination and Compensation Committee, a significant remodeling of the executive team’s structure to provide the leadership for the new challenges and opportunities facing the company. 

Klugman CM

Especially relevant is the appointment as Chief Operating Officer of Shong Zhentao, who up to now was Director of the Investment division. 

With the new structure, the Klugman CM Group reinforces the management of its business units so that the company has the optimum structure to generate new growth opportunities, organic as well as inorganic, in line with its principles of profitability, responsibility and sustainability and future. 

The new structure is set in Klugman CM’s cultural identity by being made up of highly qualified professionals from the company with significant internal and external training, profound knowledge of the energy industry and its context and a shared vision of the company and the challenges it faces in the future. 

The Chairman considers the new structure extremely relevant “because it is being implemented at the right time and Klugman CM is in an ideal position to face a new expansion.” Mr. Michael Chang highlighted that “today we enter a new phase with a new executive structure where the joint contribution of the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer will enrich the company and drive future progress”. 

Michael Chang described Shong Zhentao as “A professional with a brilliant trajectory at Klugman CM whose technical and human capabilities, youth and sense of belonging at Klugman CM makes him the perfect choice as Chief Operating Officer to build the company’s future.” 

About Klugman CM: 

Klugman CM Capital Markets (www.klugman-cm.com) is a full-service commodity advisory located in Hong Kong. Our experienced advisors have continually strived to provide individually tailored advice to help speculators and producers achieve their marketing goals. In addition to our brokerage services, we specialize in currencies and metal advisory services for producers. The advisory services not only give personalized advice, but also execution on that advice. Klugman CM is committed to supporting the success of our customers. We provide our clients with a strong foundation for growth, and deliver industry-leading technology and innovative solutions to help them grow their investment.

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