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Hundreds of Drivers Pulled Over for Car Safety Seat Violations

07, March 2015: KimaTV has actually reported that scores of parents are pulled up in the Yakima and Sunnyside districts every year for being suspicious of not buckling up their children properly. The figure is really less than 2014, though it's still an issue that has to be handled, according to regional authorities, who state that officers are on the look out for violators, with hundreds of local parents not securing their children or who are allowing them to sit in the front seat, while still under age.

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Washington State Patrol Officer, Sarah Clasen, states that she has actually inspected over a dozen motorists each day. She adds... "A lot of parents believe, well, I'm a great driver, but there's a great deal of truly bad drivers around you that you believe you'd want to secure your children from." The regional authorities have actually verified that Troopers pulled up 483 motorists suspected of infant restraint infractions in 2014 in Yakima and Sunnyside patrol areas, though these number's are down from the more than 600, recorded in 2014.

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According to KimaTV, the thing the numbers don't show, is that there are a lot more children than the overall examinations performed. Clasen recalled her worst case scenario, stating... "There were about 6 kids on the back seat, on the back bench, with kids sitting on children's laps, not a single seat belt on between them, and they were all most likely under eight. A lot of parents simply forget due to the fact that their child is no longer in a car seat, but that doesn't suggest they can still ride in the front of the auto."

Yakima Police Department Community Services Officer and Child Passenger Safety Specialist Amy Hayes, says that any parent expecting a child or any driver that has actually received a ticket for not properly using a vehicle safety seat, should call them and let them to check over their safety seats." She said... "If you can't afford a safety seat, you're expecting, and also on Medicaid, then assistance might be available, as some may get a free car safety seat through the Yakima Valley Farm Employees Clinic First Steps Program."

Further afield, and Walb news has reported that Dawson Police are hosting car seat safety seminars, with cops wanting to make sure moms and dads are using their car seats correctly. The report has actually verified that they hosted a car seat security seminar for families at their precinct, where they discussed the significance of restraining children in car seats when it comes to a crash, and showed moms and dads ways to appropriately set up a safety seat. Officer Sunny Wallace, spokesperson for the Dawson Police department, said... "The law states a kid has to be rear faced up until a minimum of one year of age, or weighing twenty pounds, however we do strongly suggest a minimum of two years of age, as it's five times safer to keep them rear facing until that age." Officer Wallace has likewise urged parents to keep their kids in a 5 point harness safety seat, and a booster seat till they are able to use an adult safety belt.

News regarding automobile safety seats has also emerged about the dangers of seats overheating when left under direct sunshine, which can then cause terrible burns and scolding to their young passengers. A recent Japanese study found that a safety seat can reach temperature levels of up to 150 degrees centigrade when exposed to direct sunlight, and recommend that parents ought to use a car seat sunshade to safeguard the safety seat in the case of being left exposed to the heat of the sun.

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