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Freddie And Sebbie Freezable Lunch Bag Kicks Off On Amazon With 4.9 Star Score

10, March 2015: Among the latest products to be sold on Amazon by Nevada based company Freddie and Sebbie, the freezable lunch bag, has actually gotten total support from consumers, who between them have awarded this leisure device a virtually perfect 4.9 star score. Company co-director, Neil Speight, says that the company is very satisfied with the preliminary response from their customers, who have all helped to explain just how different and useful this innovative food preservation product really is.

Freezable Lunch Bag

Kimberly R. Norton from Fort Worth states this is among those products that either works or does not work, though thankfully this product does work. She adds... "I placed the bag in the freezer over night, the gel packs were frozen solid the next morning, and it was like having a bag made from bricks. The cold will last about 12 hours, not always 12 hours of being frozen, but 12 hours of still being cool. So if you require something to keep your sandwiches cool or cold then this bag will suffice. The actual quality of this bag is also nice, and it does not feel inexpensive. Likewise, there is quite a bit of space to put things and a place to put drinks."

Another recent 5 star review published on February 19, 2015, notes all the item details, and concludes... "In general, this is a great cooler bag/lunch bag. This bag has the reusable ice packs that you typically put in the bag developed right into the walls of the bag. This is fantastic because you do not have to take up bag space with separate ice bags or need to fumble through them to get to your food. It has a truly nice, compact design when folded, so it doesn't take up much room while it is sitting in your freezer cooling down. When opened, it holds a fair bit of food and beverage items. I take my lunch to work practically every day, so I gave this bag a shot and it did a terrific job of keeping my lunch completely cold. We generally take a little cooler or cooler bag with us on outings that have lunch products and/or drinks for our family of four, and this bag can quickly accommodate all that. If you are in the market for a lunch bag and the incorporated ice packs seem like a feature you would like, this bag is certainly an excellent option."

Amazon verified customer Dave begins his review by stating that the lunch cooler bag by Freddie and Sebbie is a really special item. He says... "Instead of having to make use of an ice bag to keep your food and beverages cold, you just stick the entire lunch bag in the freezer. The bag is extremely high quality and the zippers are top notch and buttery smooth. There are even 2 mesh openings on each side for a water bottle. The sturdy handle on the top makes it easy to hold and take along with you. If you like shoulder straps, one is supplied as well. I put the bag in the freezer over night and it kept my beverages and fruits cool the entire day in 70+ degree weather conditions. Overall, this is a terrific cooler bag, and I will definitely be bringing it with me on my day trips out."

For more information and images for Freddie and Sebbie's Freezable Lunch Bag visit: http://www.amazon.com/Lunch-Bag-Freddie-Sebbie-Containers/dp/B00Q9BH09S

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