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Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT Releases New Single, How Ya Love That (Produced By Carnage)

13, March 2015: From the staples of Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT comes this banging single titled, ‘How Ya Love That’. This dope rap single which is currently rocking the digital air waves is produced by your favorite producer, Carnage.

Yeah Carnage needs no introduction because you all know him already. Carnage is a producer that is known for making good music and is unarguably one of the very best in the industry currently.

You all will definitely love this banging rap single because, any song produced by Carnage is definitely a hit. The guy sure knows how to make quality music that listeners can’t help but put on continuous replay.

‘How Ya Love That’ is a rap song that you can’t resist putting on constant replay, because the lyrics of the song are tight and the beat of the song is totally out of this world. In short, this single is simply mind blowing!!!

So if you are a lover of rap music, then don’t hesitate to download and listen to this song, because Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT is all about quality sound and good music. ‘How Ya Love That’ is also available for free download, so quickly download your copy now and enjoy rap music like never before.

Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT is a top ranking independent label which was founded in 2008 for the sole purpose of producing quality and meaningful music. Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT is a label established by professionals for lovers of professional music and quality sound.

As expected, Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT didn’t disappoint with this hit single ‘How Ya Love That’. The song is dope, the lyrics are on point, and the production is excellent. So make sure you listen to this jamming single today, because you will totally love it.

The combination of quality sound with good lyrics is what makes a quality rap song, and ‘How Ya Love That’ is nothing short of quality sound and wonderful lyrics.

And in case you haven’t noticed, Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT rap single ‘How Ya Love That’ (produced by Carnage), is currently among the top 10 rap songs on underground radio.

Download it here! t.co/95Og63Pu9F

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