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GuangZhou Hydraulic provides efficient fluid coupling products

China; 13, March 2015: Fluid coupling is widely used to transmit the rotating mechanical power. It has several applications in marine and industrial machine drives wherever controlled start up and variable speed operation without shock loading power transmission system is necessary. GuangZhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd manufactures and supplies YOX series of constant filling fluid couplings, variable speed couplings, and similar range of products.

There are different types of fluid coupling with varied features which serve different purposes. Constant fill fluid coupling is used to improve the starting ability of squirrel cage motor. It can limit the starting time and lower the start current during the start up. It prevents overloading while protecting motor and working machine from overload damages. This category of fluid coupling can lower the shock and vibration at the start up process. It is quite flexible with the ability to endure harsh conditions and work flawlessly.

Variable speed fluid coupling can easily balance the power and start quite successively in multi motor drive system. It reduces the impact current of electric networks and prevents the vulnerable motor and working machine from overloading damages. This fluid coupling features a simple structure with a reliable operation. It is maintenance free and isn’t affected by mechanical wear and tear. It has the ability to be flexible according to working conditions. It is quite insensitive to easy heat dissipation and atmospheric temperature.

One of the widely trusted fluid coupling manufacturers, GuangZhou Hydraulic has various spare parts. It includes oil seals, skf bearings, plum pad, fusible pug, pulley wheel, brake wheel and hexagon socket screw. All of these products ensure low price and high efficiency for the customers. They have ISO certification which is enough for customers to place their trust. GuangZhou Hydraulic caters to the need of wholesalers and small orders are also accepted. Original equipment manufacturer details and sample is available on a limited range of products.

GuangZhou Hydraulic has served its range of products to different sectors. It includes ports industry, cement industry, ceramic industry, coals industry, mining industry, power plants, steel and iron plant etc. The company has agents spread worldwide in countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, England, Australia, Brazil and others. The China based company has all the modern advanced machinery and equipments. It is spread across an area of 38000 square metres and has 200 staff personnel. It has a solid foundation of leap forward development with mature technology.

About GuangZhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd:

GuangZhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd is a China based company involved in all round manufacture and selling of fluid coupling products. It strives to offer the customers nothing short of high quality value for money products which include wholesalers, companies and firms. Visit the website for more information on the products and services available.

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Company: Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd
Address: Tangbu Industrial Zone,
Hua Du District, Guangzhou City, China.
Tel: +86-020-31065211
Email: export@ohqchina.com
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