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Duplicell P199 Face Therapy Review – Featured by Most Prestigious Public Media

13, March 2015: Duplicell P199 Face Therapy Review - Just recent, thousands of women gathered around in the women’s press conference held in Rockford, Illinois. It was about women’s issues about skin care and the relaunching of the newly released skin care in the market, “Duplicel P199 stem cell stimulator” face therapy. The event was organized USA Today media company and invited Emily Polster, the spokesperson of Duplicell face cream, to answer concerning the skin care product. Besides that, the hall was filled with excitement since it was also the relaunching of the newly created revolutionary stem cell stimulator, face therapy formula that was actually already released in the market currently.

During the interview, Emily Polster was generous enough to talk everything she knew about the exceptional and special advantages of using “Duplicell” face cream solution. She herself had experience the incredible change in her skin and until now has been an overwhelmed user of Duplicell anti-aging face therapy.

At first, she described, Duplicell face therapy is an injection-free skin solution for younger-looking and repaired skin from being affected by skin aging just like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, under-eye imperfections and other skin issues suffered by most women of today. She added, Duplicell face cream is an advanced wrinkle reduction formula and is absolutely designed for dramatic clinically proven results.

Of course, part of her highlight topic was the discussion of the tremendous benefits of using Duplicell stem cell stimulator face therapy;

* Decrease fine lines and wrinkles by 84%
* Increase of Collagen production by 95%
* Minimize the appearance of under-eye imperfections by 73%
* Dramatic skin repair
* Smooth, supple and firm the skin
* Brighten and enhance skin’s appearance
* Improves skin immunity and prevents from damaging effects of free radicals
* Counters the aging effects of stress

Moreover, Miss Polster emphasized that Duplicell is a clinically proven skincare technology product that has a specially blended formula and patented substance(s) named peptides, that have been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles fast.

Since time is limited, the spokesperson cannot tell all about the phenomenal facts of Duplicell face therapy. Instead, she advertised to the audience the official webpage for women want a beautiful skin care and offered them the “risk-free trial” of Duplicell.

Another thing, Miss Polster said that men are not exempted of skin care problems caused by premature aging, the reason why Duplicell face therapy for men had been recently released in the market and currently available for grabs today!

To know more information about Duplicell Face Therapy, you may visit here http://skinsurv.com/duplicell-p199-face-therapy-review/

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