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Kevin Clarke To Sell “Hip Hop Clips” video site

16, March 2015: Kevin Clarke To Sell “Hip Hop Clips” video site know for Hip Hop Artists”, Like Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G, DMX, Dr Dre, Eminem, Nas, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent just to name a few.

Kevin Clarke, entrepreneur, marketing mogul is also the founder of the legendary Nuff Luv record label, and the largest growing Hip Hop video site Hip Hop Clips will unveil his next move.

“There is so much to accomplish and I need to build a wider network of true musicians. I have done well to disguise this up until now,” Clarke says. On his previous three interviews, he admits, “I was doing everything I could to make music that pierced the hearts of listeners around the world. Musically speaking, I was performing some kind act to not be seen purely as a music composer.”

Clarke is a silent voice behind many songs, beats and remixing for the most successful artists in the history of Hip Hop & Rap for a number of years, keeping a very low profile. “I originally didn’t feel the need to show anybody about my contributions to the world of music because I am very happy with less distraction however, things change and the birth of my son “Isaiah Clarke” inspired a major change of heart in me”.

This epiphany came about during the production of Kevin Clarke’s smash hit” Music & Party: “My laptop broke and I decided to setup a very old music portal and whist playing around on the piano I heard a sound that developed into a classic track and I was than inspired to build a website to promote music videos. I never expected the site to become a big success” says Clarke.

“Timbaland, Dr Dre, Hi Tek, Jazzy Jeff, Sean Combs are just a few that have been influential towards Kevin Clarke’s success ...songs that move you,” (Mail on Sunday) such as “Superstar,” “Power,” and “My Love – The Dave Ellis“ Producer Kevin Clarke Nuff Luv Productions.

Hip Hop Clips experience: “I’d never worked so quickly, boldly, with passion on anything like Hip Hop Clips other than on music projects with artists. The result is a website that’s honest and true is what fulfils me. I reached a personal target; the website is a benchmark for me.”

The website, which was launched globally, has inspired and helped musicians to boost their careers and Clarke has provided video marketing and promotional services to Hip Hop artists all over the world.

More about Hip Hop Clips will be announced shortly.

Watch the video channel here: https://hiphopclips.vidlify.net

For more information, please contact Kevin Clarke Nuff Luv Music http://kevinclarkeministries.org

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