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Author Austin Dragon Releases the Conclusion of The After Eden Series: Tek-Fall Companion Novels To Readers Worldwide

Well-Tailored Books and Austin Dragon release “Hell’s Menagerie” (Tek-Fall, Episode II) and prepare for the launch of the full “Tek-Fall” novel in his science fiction and international thriller After Eden Series. The book joins its predecessors “Thy Kingdom Fall,”“Stars & Scorpions,”“Rising Leviathan,” and Metal Flesh (Tek-Fall, Episode I) to entertain science fiction readers worldwide.

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 16, 2014) − Well-Tailored Books and author Austin Dragon announce the official launch of the thrilling conclusion in the After Eden Series two-part “Tek-Fall” companion novels with, “Hell’s Menagerie.” It is for fans of hard sci-fi, sci-fi adventure, and science fiction thrillers, with a touch of conspiracy and bio-punk.

The sci-fi, adventure started in Episode I with the hunt for the elusive “Man Made Out of String.” But it was only the tip of the iceberg for a broader mission for the Faithers. In Episode II, they seek the “Zoo.” Monsters are being made—for war, for study, for amusement—and some have escaped into the wild. From the tek- cities of America to Spanish Australia to secret island locations all over the world, the sci-fi adventure thriller continues in the year 2093.

Tek World loves the advancements of modern genetic-engineering to eliminate disease, genetic-designing to pick the desired traits of offspring, and body-farms to grow and replace damaged limbs and organs—and even to “perfect” the human body. But it hasn’t stopped there. There is a secret bio-tek race by rogue international alliances to create life—amazing, bizarre, and horrifying.

To anticipate the demand, the print book, “Tek-Fall,” will be released on March 30th, combining both “Metal Flesh (Episode 1)” and “Hell’s Menagerie (Episode II),” with bonus chapters. The sci-fi thrillers—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, technology, and intrigue—highlight the seeming inevitable sprint towards war in this tech age of drones, “living” robots, and man-made monsters. It all leads to the explosion of a high-tech World War III—a hell we had never seen before
Endeavoring to incite a link to current happenings in world affairs with a futuristic glimpse of what may come, the author induces themes and topics for heated discussion. Asking readers to quantify the state of religion, politics, culture, and technology, the author suggests a deeper look into the status quo.

“Hell’s Menagerie” is available for purchase now and “Tek-Fall” will be available for purchase on March 30th at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes booksellers. All other “After Eden Series” books are available for purchase everywhere.

About Austin Dragon:
Austin Dragon is a native New Yorker who has been a resident of Los Angeles, California for twenty years. Dragon is the author of the science fiction After Eden Series and the debut Sleepy Hollow Horrors, with additional genres coming soon. His career encompasses education, campaign management of presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, and Fortune 500 corporate recruitment.


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