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Flappymath launches a challenging game for number lovers with Flappy bird

Flappymath online has announced a math game online. They can be downloaded from the Google play and anyone with android can download it in a jiffy. They are a math game that can played for both educational and entertainment purpose. The developer of this flappy bird claims that playing this game will undoubtedly sharpen the brain of the players. This game can be easily downloaded in any android operated mobile gadgets from Google play store. The game consists of very challenging levels and needs to be calculatedly on the toes. No less they are loaded with awesome features that makes the flapping the game fun. This game aims to entertain, educate and sharpen the player with its fabulous game plan and designs.

Playing this game will require a quick calculating mind that can mentally collect the sum total of the equation that appears on the screen. This game has a very tailored levels pattern that will take the player up the levels systematically. There are no sudden hard and fast rules playing this game. As the developer of the game suggest, the players just need to focus on the game and think very quick to march ahead in the game. The format and display of the game is superb and have very good resolution to make a descent view for the players. Flappy bird is the theme of the entire game and the player can never be bored for a second.

This is a game that takes the players to 3 different place; a notebook format, an aqualand and a jungle land. There are talks that new challenges and environment are soon going to include in the theme. Loaded with an attractive interface, this game aims to provide total gaming experience with the right kind of display. This game aims to make math easier and fun. They are easily downloadable from the official site listed below. For more information please go to http://flappymath.com

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flappymath online game is a math game that makes use of numbers to get the right equation and advance in the game. They are downloadable from the Google play store.


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