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FlipHTML5 Team Reveals Benefits of HTML5 Flipbook for Modern Business

21, March 2015: FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd, headquartered In Hong Kong, leads the digital publishing software market with a range of e-publishing software. A key product of FlipHTML5, HTML5 based flip book maker was initiated with basic features; however the software evolved rapidly and currently stands as the trend setter of future HTML5 flipbook software. 

FlipHTML5 recently released the upgraded flipbook software 2.7.0 and the developers proudly reveal the benefits of digital documents for modern business and the contribution of the new version of FlipHTML5 flipbook software towards it. FlipHTML5 platform is a preferable option to create digital editions of corporate documents and content. It is an easy and affordable choice in today’s modern business. Among many key benefits of PDF flipbook, the following can be highlighted, 

• HTML5 flipbook provides a cheap and effective digital publishing solution, which allows easy updating of pages and distributing of the content.
• HTML5 flipbook allows the inclusion of enriched content such as audio, video and slideshows.
• HTML5 flipbook supports multiple browsers, tablets and mobile devices and offers a uniform viewing experience.

A digital flipbook benefits both the content owner and the reader delivering a much efficient and convenient experience.

Amid many software tools, which support creating digital flipbooks, FlipHTML5 flipbook software stands out due to its unique features. The upgraded FlipHTML5 flipbook software allows readers to manage their online content easily. PDF catalogs, PDF brochures, PDF reports and many more can be converted through this advanced flipbook maker. With flipbook maker 2.7.0, readers no longer need to go through the difficulty of downloading PDF documents but can simply open any PDF document via flipbook and read through freely. All software of FlipHTML5’s digital publishing platform is fortified with up-to-date technology and is advanced regularly to stay in line with the modern IT world. As a result, FlipHTML5 software facilitates innovative creating of digital flipbooks and expedient viewing. Therefore, the company’s products prove to be beneficial for both the content owner and the reader. Each and every product of FlipHTML5 is developed through extensive research with the intention of delivering the best for its customers.

To gather further details on this premium digital publishing software, visit http://fliphtml5.com/ 

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