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West wood residences – Finding a suitable condo

Condominiums in Singapore is an intricate project where individual units are sold. When we purchase a condo, we will have individual proprietorship of everything within the walls of the particular unit. Simultaneously we will have shared ownership of the common property such as the swimming pool, club house, elevators, tennis courts, gymnasium and other shared amenities.

One of the most popular housing types in Singapore is a condo. However, not all of the condos are the same. There are a varied range of options accessible to provide to various market segments of purchasers.

For those people who want high end condos, there are luxury class of condominiums which cater to rich people. Normally, these luxury condos are situated in the main districts of Singapore. These condos appeal to all the extremely sophisticated and judicious buyers who are searching not just to purchase a house but high-class lifestyle concepts which suit their status.

Developers of high-end condos put every effort to make sure that the homeowners revel in the luxury quality in terms of fixtures, fittings and finishing’s. The amenities and facilities we find here are exclusive. They use the services of reputed architects and build distinctive architectural themes and designs which draws up the exclusivity of their projects.

There are also condominiums that belongs to the mid-range. These type of condos are usually situated in and around the city fringes. These projects are very popular owing to their close vicinity to the city center where there are entertainment and business hubs. They also provide complete facilities to the residents. These type of condos also use different types of themes and appeals to successful professionals.

Then again, there are mass-market condominiums that are situated mainly in the suburbs. These type of condos also offer good shared facilities.

Another unique feature in Singapore housing is the executive condominium. An EC is a mix of private and public housing that was introduced by the government. These type of condos are priced lesser than those private housings that provide to the affordability of the Singaporeans.

One of the newest executive condominium is the Westwood residences. They offer great facilities and amenities such as retail, grocery shopping, eating establishments and many more. To get more information kindly visit http://thewestwoodresidences.com.sg

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Westwood Residences is the latest exexutive condominium new launch developed by KBD Westwood Pte Ltd. With limited residential units in the area, its a perfect place for landowners and investors looking at high capital appreciation and rental yield .

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