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OEM fire production comes up with range of fire protections materials

China; 24th, March 2015: Fire fighting equipment like extinguishers are required in various places like offices, malls and big housing areas. These equipment should be manufactured by professionals and one cannot take risk with these equipment. Before purchasing such equipment one needs to make a proper research and buy them from professionals. One of the companies producing this equipment is OEM fire production.

The Abc fire extinguisher of OEM fire production is a dry powder extinguisher that comes in a suspended format, wheeled and various other options. This simple safety equipment can prove to be very useful in various hazardous conditions. The extinguisher needs to be placed at areas that are easily accessible during emergency situations. The equipment that is available in suspended form proves to be very useful and it is used in various offices and malls. Along with extinguishers one can also have a look at the range of fire motorcycles, electronic products and fireproof doors.

The products are listed in the online store of the company and one can choose the best equipment that suits his requirements. The CO2 extinguisher is the best when it comes to tackling the electrical fires. There are three basic CO2 extinguishers available in the online store. CO2 is non-conductible and thus it is considered to be best for areas that have electrical risks and hazards. When carbon is blown under high pressure it reacts much faster and tends to be much safer. These equipment are often combined with water as it increases their fire fighting capacities.

The foam extinguisher available in the website of the company is mainly used for fighting fuel. There is presence of air pressurized water in the equipment but the foam is the main compound that is extinguished to get rid of fire. There are various mandatory rules that need to be followed by the companies producing the extinguishing equipment. Buying the equipment from professional company that has experience in this field is regarded to be the best and the safest option. Among the vast range of products available on the online store one should make proper comparison between these products and select the one that meets their requirements. When it comes to using fire fighting equipment one should go for quality products instead of looking for cheap equipment.

The company also produces various fire protection materials like fire resistant liquid, fire coating, fire proof wooden doors and various other products. The products provide range of options to the buyers and one would not go dissatisfied with the range of products available on the website.

About OEM fire production:

Website: http://www.oemfireproduction.com/

OEM fire production is a China based firm that has been manufacturing various fire fighting equipment and fire proof products for more than two decades. They have various professionals that have experience in this field and the range of products available on their website would certainly satisfy their clients. They have various corporate partners in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. To know more about their products and services one can visit the above mentioned website.

For Media Contact:
Company: Guangdong Senje Fire Protection Group
Address: Xianchong Industrial Park, Panyu, Guangzhou, China
Tel : +86-18565032169
E-mail: sales@oemfireproduction.com
Website: http://www.oemfireproduction.com/index.php?m=Page&a=index&id=8

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