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Full Disclosure Advised on Travel Insurance for Family Breaks

26, March 2015: Travel experts have expressed worries at the rising number of claim rejections being faced by British holidaymakers. In particular, there is concern about claims for travel insurance for family holidays, as medical bills can soar to astronomical amounts for minor medical conditions.

While some Brits have complained that insurance applications are unclear when it comes to declaring respiratory problems, such as asthma and other allergies (which are often common among younger children), it is when insurance companies are not alerted to these pre-existing conditions that they can go on to invalidate policies. Experts say it is extremely important that travellers declare existing medical conditions at the time of purchasing their policy, or they face rejection of their claims.

Other conditions that have caused claim rejections include the following.

Previous Pregnancy Complications

Women who have had complications in previous pregnancies and are travelling whilst pregnant again must state these on their insurance form in order to be covered for potential problems. It seems that as much as 80% of British holidaymakers are unaware of this, with many later having had their travel insurance for family holidays invalidated as a result.

Carrying an EPI Pen

Travellers who carry an EPI pen or know they suffer from anaphylactic shock because of an allergy must declare this to their insurer. Some insurance companies even go as far as asking holidaymakers to declare allergies for which they don’t or no longer receive treatment for.

A spokesperson from well respected online travel insurance company, InsureMore, says, "Usually, insurance companies will only need to know if you are being prescribed medication for a current allergy as this is more likely to create problems while on holiday. However, every company is different and you should always check to find out exactly what they need you to declare to avoid the possibility of claim rejections, especially in the case of travel insurance for family holidays."

Other Medical Conditions

Experts say other conditions that need to be disclosed are as diverse as heart problems (including previous heart attacks) to mental health conditions such as depression. Common conditions it appears Brits often don’t declare include high blood pressure, cancer, blood clots, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.

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