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Now Available: Orange County Womens Rehab with Full Family Services

Costa Mesa; CA; 28, March 2015: Among the largest challenges facing any woman who is considering rehab are her family and children, and now thanks to New Directions for Women there is an Orange County rehab facility which provides full services for children and family.


Why Family Treatment is Key

Simply the possibility of being separated from their children creates a number of potential issues for women coping with addiction recovery, to say nothing of the issues inherent to "going away" for several months to get treatment.

Rehab represents one of the most difficult and vulnerable periods of a woman's life. As much as professionals try to smooth the process, it will always represent a significant challenge. Women with children should not have to face an even more difficult process. Therefore, New Directions For Women is proud to offer full services for family and children.

Children of New Directions for Women patients receive wraparound services regardless of whether they end up living with their mother throughout the treatment process. They are able to attend our Family Program, can participate in on-campus children’s workshops when available, and can receive referrals to other outside specialized children’s programs.

New Directions for Women also takes into account the family aspects of addiction. A substance use disorder places a great strain on a woman's family, and this isn't limited to her children. Spouses tend to become impatient and irritated at the lack of control their partner displays. Children may become resentful and angry because they don't understand how addiction works. And, while support groups can offer guidance to wives and mothers on approaching these problems, this support is not enough.

Therapies for Children

Therapeutic activities include art, recreation, storytelling, role playing, and journaling.

For school age children, there's the option to enroll in the nearby Newport Mesa School District. At the same time, New Directions for Women counselors help encourage their participation in healthy extracurricular activities, summer camp programs, and educational programs.

If appropriate, children also participate in the 12 step therapies.

Therapies for Family

Since the whole family is invariably affected by a chemical dependency, we also treat the family. People who regularly relate to or live with someone who is undergoing treatment at New Directions for Women are encouraged to commit to involvement in the family treatment program, so they can also begin their recovery.

At the heart of the family treatment program is the belief that chemical dependencies should be viewed as family diseases. Those who have experienced broken promises, false hopes, and the many other side effects of addiction should have an opportunity to voice and identify their feelings. Therefore, New Directions for Women works with all members of the family to help them re-develop the kind of relationship they deserve to have - http://www.newdirectionsforwomen.org/treatment/family-and-children-services/

About New Directions For Women:

New Directions for Women is a non-profit womens-only treatment facility which takes a 12-steps based holistic approach to addiction recovery. In the experience of the staff at New Directions For Women, their gender-specific design is the foundation of a fruitful recovery, on which they build a broad array of therapies including the family and children treatments.

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