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Cyprus Woos Tourism with New Airport Incentives

31, March 2015: As of March this year, the Cyprus Ministry of Communications and Works, partnering with Hermes Airports, have announced a new set of incentive schemes to increase tourism within Cyprus.

In particular, the schemes are aimed at Larnaca and Pafos airports, in an attempt to encourage tourists by strengthening existing travel services. Successful airport transfer company Shuttle Direct are in full support of the movement, after enjoying the growth of tourism in other locations.

A spokesperson from Shuttle Direct commented, "A thriving tourism industry would give the economy within Cyprus a massive boost. We’ve recently experienced an increase in some of our other transfer areas, such as Scotland, so we would be delighted to see that a destination working as hard as Cyprus is also achieving the success it deserves."

The following six incentive packages were launched this month:

Passenger Volumes on New Routes

The long-term incentive involves a three-year commitment to increase new routes from both airports in order to attract a significantly larger number of annual arrivals in Cyprus. The airport has an opportunity to earn up to 25 euros per passenger, depending on the total number passengers flown in a year.

Introduction of New Single Routes

The airports are offered incentives depending on the volume with which tourist numbers increase one year on from the newly deployed single routes.

Increase in Winter Traffic

Airlines that achieve a higher passenger rate on already existing routes during November to March will receive 10 euros for every departing passenger.

Discount of Landing Fees

Airports that increase their passenger capacity on existing routes will receive discounts on landing fees.

New Growth Bonus

Airlines that contribute towards to net growth on existing routes will receive an incentive for each departing passenger, depending on the amount they have contributed overall.

Marketing Support

Marketing support will be offered to airports that illustrate a growth in their number of services in Cyprus and an increase in passenger numbers as a response.

Travel experts are predicting a significant rise in tourist traffic once the additional route services have been put into place along with increased airport transfer services, such as those offered by Shuttle Direct.

About Shuttle Direct:

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