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How to make a grouting ceramic with your mortar mixer



The first step is to prepare the slurry, following the manufacturer's instructions. To do this, we can use the palette or if we have an mortar mixer you can use to save time and have the most homogeneous paste.


With the help of the palette apply the mortar in the joints.


Dispersion on the slab with the help of the float, always diagonally to ensure that the joints are filled with material for those using a trowel you must not fill than others.


Once we have the entire joints filled surface, let dry matter of 20 minutes before cleaning.


For cleaning, we use the sponge, a bucket and wringer that will be of great help.


The first pass, we can do well with a damp sponge to clean the area, and the second with a well-wrung sponge.


Once we have more or less clean zone proceed to rub with a common mop and water.


The next day, the setting will be completed and the process is complete. Don’t forget to clean your mortar mixer after used it.


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