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‘Salute’ to His Majesty by Oman Tribune & Al Watan

MUSCAT. A compendium of essays and photographs commemorating the 39th Anniversary of the Blessed Renaissance titled, ‘Salute’ has been published by the Omani Establishment for Press, Printing, Publishing and Distribution, the owners of Oman Tribune and Al Watan newspapers to mark the occasion. Salute is a bilingual publication in English and Arabic, whose Arabic version is titled Al Tahiya.

Commenting on the publication, Mohammed Bin Suleiman Al Taie, Founder & Chairman of Oman Tribune and Editor-in-Chief of Al Watan said: “The book is the salute of the people to their great leader, the architect of Oman’s Renaissance and its growth.”

“This is the greeting of a generation that has enjoyed the benefits of modern education, access to the latest technology, hospitals and community centres where the services of experts and specialists are available.

“This is the salutation of a generation which was born to enjoy the prosperity and affluence of life with ample availability of water, electricity, quality roads, appropriate employment and a legal system which ensures their peace and security. This book is their salute, our salute and the salute of everybody who, under His Majesty’s wise leadership, played their part in ushering in the Renaissance,” he added.

Salute gives readers an insight into the governance of the Sultanate, its history, its people, the direction it is taking, its values, traditions and the natural beauty that it has been gifted with. There are over 20 essays narrating a full range of issues from the economy to industry, culture and the environment.

Salute includes a 20 page picture gallery containing photographs of His Majesty the Sultan, the monuments of Oman, its landscape, people, crafts and architecture. The compendium will be distributed among various Ministries, government organisations, companies and commercial institutions, Oman Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and others. It will also be sent to the embassies and consulates of the Sultanate abroad. This historic record of the Sultanate’s march on the road to progress and prosperity, titled Salute is a collector’s item that will add grace to homes, libraries and will also be cherished as a prized souvenir.

The marketing rights of the above publication are with ‘Happening Media’, and they are enthusiastic about the response of the book.

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