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BioGanix’s Hot Selling White Mulberry Leaf Extract Rich in Fiber Now Offered at A 60% Discount

04, April 2015: With weight loss supplements as criticized as they are, it is really hard to trust any supplement no matter who the manufacturer is. High on claims but low on result, most supplements in the market today fail to deliver the expected results. While some supplements fail to deliver completely and are no more than rip-offs, others do only a small part of what the original claim. In some extreme cases, the FDA has had to take off and ban some supplements permanently due to the harmful consequences caused by them too. Hence, in an effort to combat all the trouble faced by common people, BioGanix has put its Mulberry White Extract, filled with mulberry fiber, on a 60% discount. 

Mulberry Fiber – The Complete and Natural Weight Loss Solution 

Majority of weight loss manufacturers are often found using dangerous fillers and chemicals. The use of dangerous ingredients may deliver results in the short term, but cause several detrimental consequences to health in the long run. However, in the midst of cheaply made supplements, there are some manufacturers who produce supplements that are extremely potent and bring about the expected results. Such supplements are not only praised by those who use it, but also by critics. 

Unlike some of its contemporaries, the mulberry leaf extract by BioGanix is made from hundred percent natural ingredients that are fused together through a scientifically proven and highly advanced formula. Thus, unsurprisingly, the White Mulberry Leaf Extract found to be rich in fiber, has become one of the best-selling supplements on Amazon. 

A 5 star rating on Amazon is often hard to earn for a dietary supplement, but this is exactly what BioGanix’s White Mulberry Leaf Extract has managed to earn. Containing the purest extracts of the White Mulberry Leaf and mulberry fiber, the product is based on a scientific formula which enables it to perform multiple functions at the same time. 

White Mulberry Leaf Extract is found to be ideal for those looking for an all-encompassing supplement. The supplement manages to perform several different functions simultaneously. For instance, it delivers weight loss by reducing the intake of sugar into the blood from eating. Moreover, mulberry fiber also reduces the blood sugar levels in the body, helping fight off diabetes. Other benefits of mulberry fiber include: 

• Rich in antioxidants
• Lowers cholesterol levels
• Helps fight off joint pain
• Induces weight loss

With the benefits the mulberry fiber provides, it is no surprise that White Mulberry Leaf extract enjoys great reviews on Amazon. Rodriguez, a regular user, stated on Amazon “I will give it 5 stars, because it works for me! After a couple of weeks using it, I've notice that my sugar levels has been drop very noticeable. I went from 200's in fasting, to 105-112. I went to see my doctor, and I showed her my readings, and she was so impress that she suggest me to "cut off" some of my medicines, but I told her "not yet", instead, I didn't take my glyburide (20 mg a day), and I just take my Metformin 1000mg twice a day. I'll be posting once I got a month using it, and after my lab work, that will be done on April 8, a couple of days later, I will get my results back. Remember, now I'm eating better than before, but not on an extremely diet, I just try to avoid too much carbs (which I love them!). I check my blood sugars 4 times a day (fasting, 2 hrs. after breakfast, 2 hrs. after lunch, and 2 hrs. after dinner). I already put my 2nd order of White Mulberry from BioGanix!!! 

About BioGanix: 

BioGanix is a fast growing nutraceutical and health and beauty company. It is a brand that supplies cutting-edge weight-loss, health and beauty improvement and fitness supplements and products, to help people lose weight and become healthier, happier, and more beautiful. As a leading producer of health and dietary supplements, BioGanix is a household name in the health and fitness industry. The company only provides premium quality products, without cutting any corners in the manufacturing processes. All their products are produced from natural ingredients, in GMP and FDA certified facilities in the USA. For details regarding Pure White Mulberry, log onto http://www.amazon.com/Mulberry-Stabilizing-Supplement-Antioxidant-Cholesterol/dp/B00JVMG0XY/

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