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Orthopedic surgeon, Chennai, India.

American doctor goes the knife of Indian Orthopedic surgeon for bilateral knee replacements

An American Gynecologist from Los Angeles underlined his faith in an Indian Orthopedic surgeon by choosing him for his double knee replacements.Dr. Joseph Perkins MD, travelled to Chennai, India for his surgery by Dr. A.K.Venkatachalam. Dr. Perkins practices in California as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist.
Although Americans patients have visited India for Joint replacements, this is probably the first time that an American doctor himself chose to have his surgery done in India.
Dr. Perkins had slowed down considerably by knee osteo-arthritis. Conservative measures didn’t work. He wanted bilateral flexible knee replacements done through a minimally invasive approach and these were done within a day of his arrival. Bilateral sequential knee replacements are safe and can be done under one anesthetic if the patient is fit. This patient did very well and he didn't require any blood transfusion.

He is currently enjoying a holiday at a seaside resort.
Many American baby boomers in their sixties are weighed down by hip & knee arthritis. Private surgery costs are unaffordable even for doctors. India surgeons have for some time being providing a clean and efficient service that parallels or exceeds American standards. Dr.Joseph Perkins MD, is a testimony to that.

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