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Slideworld with a new interface and new functionality

Slideworld.com alters its interface with a view to double the user experience. The website ventures into conference promotion and compilation providing the details of the past and upcoming conferences.

6th aug 09: Slideworld.com the online search engine for presentations, has acquired a new and a much impressive attire lately. It has altered its entire look and feel with easy to navigate links and prominent sections. A number of new and interesting presentations have been added to its credit.

Geared up with a new look, the website has taken to a new domain of functionalities as well. It has stepped into conference promotion and compilation. Already, the sister-site of Slideworld.com called Slideworld.org has established its foothold into medical conferences. Slideworld.com has covered whatever was left. Conference going on anywhere, on any topic can be found here.

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.slideworld.com

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