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Times Private Treaties bags innovative business model award

The Times Private Treaties model has found global recognition when it was voted as one of the 7 most innovative business models by the PubliGroupe and International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA) in the second edition of the "Innovative Business Models Contest”. The contest focused on identifying how media companies are extending their brand to fill a new market space, attract new audiences, and generate new revenue streams.

Says Mr. Sivakumar Sundaram, CEO-Designate, Times Private Treaties, “It is indeed an honor that TPT has been acknowledged as one of the 7 innovative business models in the world. The BCCL group has always been involved in the “metamorphosis” of the media industry in general and the print industry in particular in the country. We are an ideas company and innovation drives business strategy. Times Private Treaties is the latest example of the continuous endeavor of the organization to encourage innovation. TPT was established as a growth engine in aide of the new-gen entrepreneur seeking to launch and grow his brand. In a time span of 4 plus years, TPT has been able to partner with 250 plus entrepreneurs of India Inc. in accelerating their growth in the Brand hierarchy. TPT has also established that Print continues to be the dominant medium for launching and establishing new and emerging categories & brands in the Indian context.”

TPT was started with the vision to make advertising accessible to Indian entrepreneurs who had the potential but were faced with the paradoxical situation of choosing between growing their business vs. investing in a brand. TPT proved that it doesn’t have to be an “either/or” situation and de-risked advertising spends through the treaty model. The result has been a creation of a whole new advertiser base and increased spends amongst conservative advertisers. Moreover, TPT has been able to convince businessmen of the value of creating brands and this should augur well for the industry as a whole.

The other finalists in the fray were Glossy Media (Poland), Wonderlist.ca by The Toronto Star (Canada), Verdens Gang's Pengenedine.no (Norway), St-Petersburg Times' Politifact.com (USA), Autos by Winnipeg Free Press (Canada) and Detroit Media Partnership (USA).

INMA is a non-profit member organization dedicated to recognizing and extending marketing activities of newspapers, and serving as the industry's premier marketing ideas association. PubliGroupe is a marketing and sales organization dedicated to the sale of advertising space for the media in Switzerland and other countries.

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.timesprivatetreaties.com/

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