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One Stop Service For Plastic Injection Mould And Die – Poly Vision Group

Poly Vision enjoys a long heritage of pioneering technological excellence and offers a unique and wide range of innovative and tailor-made solutions to customers in different countries. The main clients are including Hitachi, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Haier, LG, Samsung and Thai Summit. Poly Vision maintains leading positions in key markets through product differentiation, technical support and customer focus. The primary markets they serve include house appliance plastic injection molding products, auto-part press parts and electronic press parts, etc..

Process Mould Product ; Poly Vision - Process Mould Product ;Competitive Factors in Mould Making Industry

QC : Poly Vision owns a CMM(coordinate measuring machine) which costs more than US$130,000 and it enhances its functionality on quality, productivity, and information management. With the highly trained operators and the advanced CMM machine, auto-parts are made precisely.CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Design Team : With 7-10 years experience in auto-part mould design, Poly Vision designers are fully devoted to make precision and sophisticated auto-part moulds.

Massive Machines : Poly Vision has the capability to manufacture all types of machined parts. With their CNC machine lathes, grinders, and mills, they are specialized in milling, drilling, and boring operations. Their EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is designed to facilitate the automation of work of every kind, also a leader in industrialization of high production equipments, and active on several markets such as auto parts, air conditioner parts, and electronic press parts.

Delivery Team : Our delivery team remains the backbone of all the work that we do. With over 12 vehicles and dozens of employees working together, our client's goal is achieved.

Professional Approvals : TS16949, an automotive sector-specific QMS set of requirements which use ISO 9001:2000 (verbatim) as its base. It is a qualification to satisfy Poly Vision's automotive clients even they are from different continents. (TS16949).
ISO9001:2000 qualification demonstrates Poly Vision's commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving their quality management systems and integrating the realities of a changing world. (ISO9001:2000).

Massive Warehouse : 12,000SQ. MT Massive Warehouse is a place for clients to reserve their materials so that they can have their products made anytime.

Poly Vision (http://molding-moulding.ready-online.com) understanding of the essential importance of product quality, consistency and pricing competence, in 2007 they expanded their business with a die press plant so that they could offer the most complete line of products from designing, fabrication, mold making/die press, electroplating, welding or silk screening to final assembly, testing, and even the production, organization management and scheduling for Unified Modeling.

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