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i am a b2b developer in www.chanceol.com, china's first RFQ centered site.

Launching a Revolution in E-commerce

In 2008, ChanceOL is established in china. In the very beginning of its establishment, ChanceOL intends to be the first RFQ based e-commerce website in China. This is our dream and we make any kind of attempts to realize it. It may be difficult at the initial stage, but with our brilliant idea, our perseverance and concerted effort, we believe someday, ChanceOL will become one of the leading e-commerce website in china.
What is ChanceOL? www.chanceol.com is an e-commerce website which has gathered a large amount of verified supplier and buyer information. Chanceol is RFQ (request for quotation) cored which will ensure direct and immediate business opportunities. Furthermore, all of the website's information is categorized according to different fields such as electronics, machining parts, chemistry, construction material and many other categories. That can make supplier and buyer find their desired items without spending too much time on searching.

Why ChanceOL is RFQ centered? After the analysis of current b2b websites, we find some common problems. 1.Most b2b websites make categories by industry classification and publish company and product information according to similar or related categories. The simultaneously-released message will result in overabundant information. Buyers often find themselves lost in the sea of redundant and rampant information and hence their ineffectiveness in completing procurement task. 2.Some other b2b websites provide services by renting software platform (such as erp,scm,crm) for companies to promote their e-commerce level. Undeniably, their intention is good, but as we know the most important issue for a company, especially smes is how to survive in the competition. Thus, we believe that whether e-business technology could improve the efficiency, decrease the cost, gain more profit and promote the competitive ability of the company is more important than whether a company is a e-commerce company or not. 3.Still there are some websites taking b2b ,b2c and c2c almost as the same type and providing similar services to different e-business types. This is undoubtedly unrealistic. During the procedure of b2c and c2c, buying actions are almost personal and with slight relativity, besides, the e-business website is used mostly as a trading tool, whereas during the procedure of b2b, the buying side is company. Procurement is the most important part for business operation since it can produce a direct and immediate influence on the cost, quality, efficiency, service and competitive strength of a company. Requirement on a supplier during the b2b is not only a simple exchange of products any more, but also a more intricate cooperation in the supply chain. So e-business, rather than merely a tool, should be used to provide more accurate information , meet more complex requirement from both buy and sell sides and promote the two sides to make a deal through a more economic and efficient way. The e-business mode which satisfies these conditions will launch a revolution on stocking, selling and managing. ChanceOL fully realizes the weaknesses of traditional b2b websites and has decided to set up a new development mold for e-commerce websites. ChanceOL lays emphasize on procurement information. To some extent, the whole website is built up around buyers' procuring information. By doing so, users of the website can go directly to the business itself without first spend a long time in finding related information.

What are the features and advantages of ChanceOL? 1. Rfq centered, that means the website can provide direct and instant business opportunities. 2. Succinctly designed for the simple and convenient operation of users. www.chanceol.com is simply designed. Users who logs in will find that rfq are markedly presented in the website's home page. Click on the link of these rfq thumbnails, users will get clear information of these rfqs. 3. The website is bilingual (Chinese and English). Both Chinese and English users can communicate freely with the aid of our translation service. 4. verified business information. All of our information (both suppliers and buyers) are verified by our service commissioner. Users needn't to worry about the authenticity of the information. 5. Timely updating. Since we have a large number of business information and we have new users registered everyday, we will update our business information timely in order to give you the newly released rfq information.

What are the advantages of supplier services in ChanceOL.com? ChanceOL.com not only provides RFQs, but also provides suppliers the opportunity to establish relationship with buyers. We will recommend some excellent suppliers to buyers, making these suppliers have the chance to view RFQs at the first time and communicate with buyers to get more details.

What are the advantages of buyer services in ChanceOL.com? ChanceOL.com gathered a large number of professional suppliers in die processing, prototyping, manufacturing, forging, assembly, and other fields. For procurement information ChanceOL.com will recommend these outstanding suppliers to buyers when they publish their RFQs, buyers can invite these suppliers to make a quotation, thereby enhancing procurement efficiency achieving in costs and time saving. ChanceOL.com also provides translation services, in which important information will be translated into Chinese so that suppliers from China can understand the RFQs and communicate with buyers whose native language is English. By these methods buyers from all over the world will get a better choice than ever.

We have confidence that our innovative e-commerce development mold will bring us a bright future. Having complied with the trend we predicted in e-business, we are sure that we will launch a breakthrough in e-commerce.

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