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Pamper your abode with 17 new collections from Maishaa

Pamper your abode with 17 new collections from Maishaa

Maishaa, India’s most celebrated bed linen and home furnishing brand has launched seventeen new collections in home furnishing in 1300 different fabrics and patterns gathering the premium essence from nature and various civilizations from the world, these seventeen collections will add a sense of elegance to your abode.
Woven in finest fabrics such as chenille, polyester, satin and silk, every collection has an unique grace to offer.Colours used in all these collection truly justifies its role. Colours such as Red, Green brown, beige, copper, bronze etc are dynamically utilized in these collections to bring in a fresh look.
The New collections from Maishaa have a rich array of patterns like coloured stripes, elegant platted jacquard, floral prints etc. All the designs are printed using modern technology.
These collections are named after the themes on which they are based such as
• Crystal Chain: This collection is for modern style of decoration. The chain effect on the fabric named “lignee” resembles the lock of metallic loops on modern bracing material. The simplicity of design and blunt lock of chain like materials gives the collection minimalistic attraction.
• Osman: the blend of mixed culture by Byzantine, Turk, Arab and Mongols all can be seen in this collection. The worn look of embroidered metallic pattern on “Eclipses” appears antiqued as if to tell the age of the empire.
• Seeking Sufi: Inspired by the contemporary translations of Arabian Art, the collection is an intriguing mix of classic and modern sensibilities.
• Star of Stripe: The collection reflects the classic style which was widely popular in victorian period.
• Arabian Nights: The nocturnal charm of Arabian Nights gives the collection a concept of dark tone and twinkling surface. The motifs have their origin from Persian astronomic patterns and Persian insignia.
• Riviera: Inspired by traditional French motifs together with Mediterranean breeze,”Riviera collection” was created elegantly with the mood and tone of le Midi. The fabric Riviera is composed by finely selected yarns.
• Kendedes: Kendedes is the name of first queen of Singhassari, a Hindu-Buddhism kingdom of Java in the 13th century. This collection has an inspiration from the Javanese form of art and colour tone.
• Primrose: Escape to the florae and greenery landscapes. The collection primrose will introduce you to the English country where flowers are copious. The floral motifs are of traditional county style blended with modern colour scheme for contemporary interiors.
• Mandarin: “Mandarin” has its roots meaning from “his Excellency” or the greatness of the Manchu Nobles” .the silky effects of clothes and glittering motifs do give the collection a story to tell itself.
• Victoria: Victorian collection is known for its eclectic revival and the introduction cross cultural influences from Middle East and Asia in interiors decoration and aesthetic movements. The grandeur design of the fabric name “Kent” is the representative of the specific collection. The colours used in this collection are truly oriental.
• Rainforest: The concept of nature has inspired to create this collection. All fabrics tell their stories by designs and textures. The colour scheme is carefully chose to touch and feel of the tropical “Rainforest”.
• Coral: In the south series of Andaman there lies a series of archipelago where coral is so abundant. The colours of the south sea coral are somewhat beyond the common imagination of the land beings. So, if you like colours, the coral collection may offer something you are looking for.
• Flamenco: energetic and colourful Spanish dance is the core concept for creating this collection influenced by traditional design and the blend of surplus colours represent the bright and exotic “flamenco”.
• Bubble Tech: The collection “Bubble Tech” is designed with the thought of finding new ways to compose textiles for the need of space age decoration.
• Bark: The mother nature of forest is the source of inspiration for this collection. The “bark Collection takes the name from the fact that the designer would like to create a season of home interiors fabrics by using the beauty of natural texture of woods as inspiration.
• Pasha: the art and civilization of the Ottoman are still lingering in our modern way of life. Pasha was a title for the Nobles of Ottoman Empire. The fabric names “Pasha” has an elegant form of Turkish look.
• Gaijin: raveling back into the historical time when Japan had opened the country, the integration of east-west culture had embroidered a new complexity in to people’s lifestyle.”Gaijin” is trying to interpret the world through native perspectives.

So pamper your dwelling with these captivating new collections and bring in charisma to your curtains, upholstery and let a breeze of freshness arrive.
Cool Pricing: Priced at Rs. 700-2200 per metre, these seventeen new collections are available in the following stores.
Availability: Maishaa, exclusive collections are available at: All India: Jagdish Stores, Bharat Furnishings, Muslin, Debenhams & Homestop; Delhi & Gurgaon: Maishaa Store at Square One Mall, Ravissant, Dreams, Harisons Furnishings, Villa De este, Shopper’s Stop, Mo Furnishings; Mumbai: Ravissant, Novelty, Surprise, Fusion Access ; Hyderabad: Studiorion, Bangalore: Drapes Avenue; Jaipur & Guwahati: Ashoka Furnishings; Ahmedabad: Sanskruti, Options; Surat & Vadodara: Sanskruti ; Raipur: Lifestyle Furnishings; Nagpur: Malik Deco House, Bhopal: Home De Royale, Pune: Kejal’s Furnishings, Themes Furnishings, Grandeur, Good Home Store; Ludhiana: Naveen Bharat; Amritsar: Talwar Furnishings; Jaipur; Ashoka Furnishings; Kolkatta: Stellar Furnishings, TAK Consultants; Hyderabad: Studirion, Jaydurga Furnishings; Guwahati: Ashoka Furnishings; Chnadigarh: Homespell; Raipur: Lifestyle Furnishings
About Maishaa: About Maishaa (www.maishaa.com):
Maishaa means Life and is the first official bed linen brand to be associated with The New York Fashion Week. ‘Maishaa’ is a luxury home fashion textile brand, establishing new standards with bed linen structured with the highest thread count available in the Indian home textile market. Maishaa’s collections offer a uniquely designed color palate flaunting earthy hues and soft pastels off set by bright contrasting tones of berry, volcanic sand, rich imperial gold and silver, accentuating the intended lavish design and elegant finish. Their products boast a 650-thread alignment per 10 sq. cm and an extraordinary blend of ‘Sofin’ –a micro filament man made fiber, created by Toray Industries Inc, Japan, known for its superior softness, hygiene and durability- with cotton thus allowing the optimization of bed linen functionality. The resulting products are masterpieces in form, feel and fashion, 4 times finer than silk and 8 times lighter than cotton, some designs uniquely inspired by nature in general while others by the Royal History of the Orient.
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