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Job Site Offers Employers the Ability To Post Jobs Online without Steep Fees

Independence, KS ( WorldPressRelease ) August 24, 2009 –With the economy beginning to show signs of a rebound and business beginning to pick up, many employers are looking to fill positions that they had to cut in the past year or that they needed to create in the wake of burgeoning business. Many employers have discovered in trying to fill positions that posting in local papers and online jobs sites in order to find applicants can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. One such employer, who chose to remain anonymous, stated “The local newspaper will post your employment ad in their paper and on their website, but if you want to get qualified applicants you have to post where job seekers are looking and that can mean posting to all of the major job sites as well as local sites and papers.”

One site, 1JobHunt.com (http://www.1jobhunt.com) understands that the employers posting on their site need to be able to post jobs online without paying premium listing fees. Tyler Randolph, founder of 1JobHunt.com stated “We know that many employers are starting to hire now that the economy seems to be turning around, but we don’t want to see employers paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to post their jobs locally or online. Simply put, the money that they spend on advertisements in an attempt to get qualified applicants is money that could have been used to entice more applicants, offer better benefits packages or even employ another part-time employee.”

1JobHunt.com allows employers to post jobs to their site for $10 per listing, something unheard of in the online job listing business. Employers can register with the site and begin posting jobs within minutes and choose from dozens of industry categories.

In speaking with the founder of 1JobHunt.com (http://www.1jobhunt.com) we also learned that the site isn’t only built with the idea of allowing employers to post inexpensively, the site is also geared at giving back. “When we built the site we wanted to be able to allow employers to post jobs without shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars, but we also wanted to help those who were financially affected by the sweep of layoffs which made it impossible for so many to get by in the last few months. We are in the process of developing a philanthropic program for 1JobHunt.com which will allow us to offer employers the ability to post as well as allow those who are out of work to get a little back from our site,” stated Tyler Randolph.

The programs mentioned by Tyler Randolph are yet to be rolled out, but we were told to monitor the site for the program to be announced in the coming months.

For more information on 1JobHunt.com check out their website at http://www.1JobHunt.com.


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