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Court Reporter, Translator and Interpreter Services

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS arranges access to court reporters and interpreters. These individuals work outside the courtroom in depositions and other situations that require an official legal transcript, such as arbitration, hearings or other formal proceedings. Court reporters also often provide real-time transcription for public events, religious services, webcasts, and educational services. Court Reporters create a recording in one of two ways: with a tape-recording device or a stenography (shorthand) system which can be either a stenotype or stenomask. These tools allow the court reporter to capture every word of the proceedings. Once the proceeding has been recorded in one of these methods, the court reporter takes the captured proceeding and transcribes it into an official transcript. These transcripts are notarized and deemed a legal document. Contact us today for a free quote for court reporting services.

About Court Reporters

Court reporters usually need up to four years to fully learn the necessary skills to be effective at capturing the necessary 225 words per minute required by the National Court Reporters Association. Many court reporters go on to learn a specialized degree, such as a certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelor degree. Several states have determined that being a Certified Court Reporter (CCR) is only one part of the job and requires the court reporter to also be a notary public. A court reporter can complete the four-part examination the National Court Reporters Association offers and become a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR).

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS also offers translation and interpreting services in over 100 languages. Visit us at http://www.themarketinganalysts.com for more information.

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