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SHIFT Releases Debut “Folk-tronic” Concept Album: The Hundredth Monkey

August 22, 2009 (Nevada City, CA) -- Take one singer/songwriter, add in one laptop computer, one media projector, and a smashingly original hour-long video montage and what do you wind up with? A music act from Northern California known as SHIFT calls it a Multi-media Folk-tronic Experience.

SHIFT was started by contemporary artist Paul Tardo. Originally from Long Island NY, Paul moved to California in 2002 where he embarked on a music career as a singer/songwriter playing at local caf├ęs. Paul's music found the attention of record producer Orpheos DeJournette and the duo began work on the debut SHIFT LP in the early part of 2006.

The SHIFT "sound" is a colorful mix of sticky melodies, epic lyrics, acoustic strings, and vintage synthesizers. Paul's distinctive voice is warm and heartfelt with overtones reminiscent of Cat Stevens. Influences? How about John Lennon meets meets The Flaming Lips? Sound interesting? Most of the visuals featured in SHIFT's videos are recycled from vintage film and video sources. Iconic imagery is woven into an artistic montage that is skillfully keyed to the lyrics and beats.

When asked in an interview: How did you come to create a concept album? Paul replied: "I've always wanted to make an album that speaks to the human spirit... like many of the classic records that I play on my turntable... I like to plug in a pair of headphones, lie back and go on a journey... the songs that wound up on The Hundredth Monkey album involve the redemption of the human spirit and the subsequent building of a new paradigm... I had a difficult time trying to fit a concept that big into one song... so it just turned into a concept album."

The genre-bending debut SHIFT album called The Hundredth Monkey is now available on CD directly from CD Baby, the shiftpages.com website and select retailers. MP3 downloads are available from the SHIFT website and at most popular digital music outlets including iTunes, Napster, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and GroupieTunes. Great news for vinyl junkies too... in true "Concept Album" form, there is talk of a 12 inch 33 1/3 RPM LP with full color artwork to be released in the near future. Record release celebration is TBA. Regional and national tour dates are TBA.


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