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"Philadelphia's First Magical Family"

Up and coming Actors/Writers Dwayne Chattman and A.J. Lovett of LoveReign Entertainment have created a new, witty, ground-breaking sitcom that combines different elements such as classic television comedy and more serious dramatic elements and realistic tones. Shot in a unique, "in-your-face" new photography-like style.

Dwayne Chattman and A.J. Lovett, along with other gifted artists are busy with the next hit TV series, "The Lockhavens", a Dramedy that takes place in Philadelphia and is based on a family of powerful supernatural beings, from another dimension, reluctantly introducing a "mortal" woman to their way of life. The pilot episode was directed by E. Geno Frazier, is shot in an interesting, innovative new style which clearly sets it apart from the others and can be seen at www.thelockhavens.com by clicking on SNEAK PEEK. LoveReign Entertainment, along with Hummingbird Productions, are the Executive Producers of the project with Ross Hunt Productions and Juliette Sedlacek, who is also the production designer responsible for bringing out all the vibrant colors.

The cast consists of seasoned actors and talented newcomers; couture, high fashion, exquisitely designed by L'Amour Ameer.

Dwayne and A.J. have also been occupied developing other projects that are currently in pre-production. Both artists also have leading roles in "The Lockhavens" and each episode has an underlying message will uplift the spirits of the viewers and give the a heat-felt lesson. More news, regarding the series as well as the development of other projects, will be revealed later this year.
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Visit the publisher's website: http://www.thelockhavens.com

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