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A survey of over 700 women at myGLOSS.com finds September’s Back to School rush to be as stressful as the holidays for today’s busy families

August 31, 2009 – Los Angeles – As children across the country head back to school after summer vacation, moms are feeling stressed according to a survey by myGLOSS.com – a new network of websites for women. Of over 700 women surveyed, 61% said that they dread back to school season and find it stressful.

“Though popular opinion is that moms are relieved when their kids are back at school, the reality is that the majority of families find it to be a very stressful time,” said Lolita Carrico, a motherhood expert and founder of the myGLOSS.com network. “Between getting back into the routine of waking up early, the expense of Back to School shopping, dealing with children transitioning and managing everyone’s schedules, the ‘September Scramble’ can be hard on everyone.”

When asked to choose the most stressful seasons, myGLOSS.com readers equated Back to School season stress with the stress of holiday shopping and travel in December, with the winter holidays coming in at #1, and Back to School a close second.

Carrico offers some tips to help alleviate the stress of the September Scramble:

1. Prepare and Plan – After a summer of indulging in relaxed bedtimes and sleeping in, ease children back to a normal bedtime as soon as possible and get them in the habit of waking up early, so that by the time the first day of school rolls around, they won’t be dragging.

2. Empower the Kids – Have the kids help get their items ready each day – including packing lunches. Try to have them help make their lunches and pick out their clothes the night before to make getting out the door that much easier in the morning.

3. Look for Bargains Year-Round – Back to School shopping can add up. Take advantage of sales and bargains throughout the year, so you won’t be outlaying a huge amount in September. Let the kids pick a few special items – such as a backpack or lunch box – but keep them out of the buying process otherwise. Check mamaGLOSS.com for ideas.

4. Quick & Easy Breakfasts – Look for easy, healthy breakfast choices to get everyone off to a good start. Store a nutritious muffin batter (fortify it with wheat germ and protein powder!) in the fridge, and pop it in the oven in the morning for a warm pick-me-up. The same can be done with pancake batter too. Check yumGLOSS.com for other healthy, back to school recipes.


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