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Extra features BNI Member in a “LifeChangers” TV Segment

LOS ANGELES, California – Hypnotherapist Brennan Smith, a long-standing member of the BNI BH Breakfast Club chapter of the Los Angeles BNI4Success region, was recently featured on national television in the Extra feature segment entitled, “LifeChangers.”

The “LifeChangers” segment, which aired on Friday, August 21st and can now be viewed on the ExtraTV website, was focused on the power of hypnosis for smoking cessation, and included a live hypnotism session on an Extra intern!

During the 5 years of his private hypnosis practice, Brennan Smith has successfully used phone hypnosis sessions and office visits to turn his neurophysiology background into rewarding results for his clients. He specializes in hypnosis for procrastination & self-sabotage, typically resulting from low self-esteem, perfectionism, or other self-limiting beliefs.

BNI, the world's largest referral marketing organization with over 5,400 chapters in 42 countries on every populated continent, is proud to have him as a member.

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