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Site related to Hip Hop Music was Launched

12/9/2009 UK: FavoriteMusicVideo.com (FMV), the name may make you think of just another music video site around but surprisingly it goes a step ahead to give its users a lot more than they can expect. While traditionally you have been treated with pop-ups and advertisement boxes every time you tried to access your favorite videos, you can find a site that is more user friendly and has a decent presentation as well.
Though the site may not look over the top, exclusively designed it still maintains a very professional and appealing look. The best part is that is goes over the traditional beliefs of plain music videos and offers its users more about music and dance.
As stated by an official, “With Favorite Music Videos our attempt was to give the online users a way to access their favorite music videos without having to worry about unwanted junk coming along. Also we wanted to promote music and hence we have a blog that is moderated by experts and allows member to exchange music video knowledge. Moreover we have tried to help our users learn more about the various types of music and music videos that they see. Our efforts have been to come across as a site that defies conventional beliefs of non-quality video stuffed sites!”
Another feature about the site that we noticed while examining it closely is the fact that it has a good number of private music videos, controversy videos and free dance music videos which makes it probably one of the most diverse music video sites that you would come across.
With users trying to move away from the popular sites due to the presence of unwanted junk music videos that make it difficult to search for a particular video, FMV comes across as a breath of fresh air that is user friendly and holds up the musical videos in a professional way as well!

Visit the publisher's website: http://favoritemusicvideo.com

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