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Noni Juice Side Effects – Good or Bad?

You might have heard of the noni fruit before as some refer to it as morinda citrifolia, beach mulberry, or Indian mulberry. Noni comes from the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti because it needs the volcanic terrain and lava rich soil that is native to these islands. Noni juice has become a well known natural health supplement because of its many positive side effects.

The Positive Side Effects From Noni Juice?

Health experts and some doctors claim that the nutrients from the noni fruit help promote healthy blood cholesterol levels as well as diminish or get rid of:
* Diabetes
* Obesity
* Depression
* Arthritis

Some of the other beneficial side effects include lowered cholesterol levels and inability to produce cancer cells. In Indochina the noni fruit is taken as a treatment for asthma, lumbago, and dysentery.

One of the great positive effects of this juice is the amount of nutrients it provides. The pulp of the noni fruit contains high concentrations of vitamin C and potassium as well as nutrients like: vitamin A, iron, sodium, niacin, and calcium.

If you are considering drinking noni juice be aware that the method in which it was prepared is important. You want to buy "un-pasteurized" juice because the pasteurization process diminishes the nutritional value of the nutrients listed above.

How Much Have The Side Effects From Noni Juice Been Researched?

Since noni has recently become popular the research conducted on the side effects is relatively new. Only 36 research papers were published in 2006-07. Only one NIH peer-reviewed cancer study that involved clinical trials was conducted.

Everyone's body is different and reacts uniquely to different foods. While noni has been found to provide positive results for 98% of its users there are some negative side effects to be aware of.

For example, if you are someone who has advanced kidney disease you should avoid foods high in potassium, like noni. Also, less than one percent of noni users (daily drinkers) suffered side effects like:
* Difficulty breathing
* Itching
* Diarrhea
* Rashes

Less than two percent of heavy noni users suffered negative side effects from the noni fruit such as: mild nausea, gas, and bloating.

Overall, the side effects from noni juice are very positive. Health experts and doctors suggest that the potential harm from this juice is minimal. If you are interested in giving this superfruit a try you can find it at your local health food store or online.

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