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Green Water Rain Barrels Provide Relief to Central Texans

The greater Austin and Central Texas area received over 14" of much needed rain in some areas. Austin Green Water rain barrels helped numerous Central Texans successfully harvest rainwater using state-of-the-art rain barrels and rainwater harvesting solutions. One customer who had installed a 5 unit rain barrel system reported successfully harvesting 275 gallons of rainwater for use in the coming weeks in their organic herb and flower garden. The Central Texas region has been plagued by an overwhelming low rainfall this year, but this September looks to be a record setting wet month...with more rain expected. Green Water provides numerous rainwater collection systems and rain barrels for the Central Texas region. Multiple city municipalities, including the City of Austin and the City of San Marcos have adopted rain barrel rebate programs to provide central Texans relief from the cost of acquiring rain barrels. The state of Texas also has a tax-free initiative to incentivize Texans to purchase rain barrels. Numerous news agencies, including KXAN and KEYE have reported on the benefits of using rain harvesting techniques. Green Water rain barrels are a low cost, all recycled option to more conventional plastic manufactured rain harvesting and rain collection systems. Contact Green Water today at www.austingreenwater.com for more information and to see their current inventory and sale items on rain barrels for Central Texas.

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